Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Devil Went Down to Georgia...

…was actually the first song we heard on the radio when we entered Tennessee. It was a drive that passed through such sites as Hungry Mother State Park, and a vending machine selling live bait. But those 18 hours passing through parts of the US stirred within me the most patriotic feelings I’ve ever experienced. This is such a beautiful country, and I’m so glad I was able to travel and appreciate it.

This week’s Yeshivat Hadar Blog will be brought to you from Koinonia, an intentional Christian community in Georgia devoted to nonviolence, anti-racism, and environmental sustainability. The adventure was organized and is being led by Dr. Steinmetz.

Some thoughts from day one of living in a Christian community:

Among the graffiti on the doorpost of my room is the command: “Pray before you walk out this door.” Every time I pass it, it strikes me that forcing me out of my own headspace and compelling me to think about God as I walk out the door is pretty much what a mezuzah is supposed to do. I find this to be a much more effective method; whether that’s because I respond well to more direct reminders or that obnoxiousness is some kind of motivator for me is a question for the ages.

I haven’t gotten used to having someone tell me matter-of-factly, in the midst of relating their life story, when they found Jesus. And being totally serious. And not having a tale of angst and/or woe when describing their past or current relationship to Jesus. It’s the casual religious devotion without all the torment that I find so alien.

And finally, on my vacation, I’m still waking up at 7am so I can make it to minyan. Except this time it’s Christian minyan.

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Bru said...

thanks for posting about the trip! reading this both makes me able to share in the experience a little and also makes me even more sad i wasn't able to come with you guys.
have a beautiful, restful shabbat and love to my mom.