Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Great Thought

Shared with me today by Avi Strausberg, a true woman of the world, who will hopefully honor us with a guest post in the coming weeks:

When Avi was working on the farm at ADAMAH, she would come home after spending hours in the field. She would look at her hands, grimy with the dirt from working the earth, and wonder any of the seeds she planted would grow, and what would come of her hard work.

Now she comes home with her hands stained with ink from studying Talmud and other Jewish texts all day. And once again, she wonders whether the knowledge she gained this day will take root, and what will come of it.


EmFish said...

wow. I'm so lucky to be learning with you guys.

Aryeh said...

I'm honored to work for you guys and to support your learning in every way I can.