Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Siyyum: Kiddushin Edition

We are pleased to announce that Jaclyn Rubin (shlit”a) has finished the Talmud’s Masechet Kiddushin. Since we anticipate many more of these events, we decided we’d better learn how to get the celebrating done right. While there was no scotch (yet. When Jaclyn finishes the Talmud next week or so, we’ll get on that) there was a delicious chocolate/strawberry cake.
The caption reads: “Learning Torah is the Elixir of Life,” from Kiddushin 30b.

Special thanks to Mimi Lewis for her excellent idea of baking a cake, to Robin Weintraub for providing the recipe, the pots, and her cake-baking expertise, and Aharon Varady, for his quick-thinking in taking the picture before the cake was devoured.

Mazel tov, Jaclyn! Onward and upward!

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TDB said...

That was an exceptionally good-tasting cake, as well as good-looking. You can't tell just from a blog with today's technical limitations, but one day...